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Barcelona Attack Imam Es Satty was Police Informant

Three months after the Barcelona bombing, vehicle and stabbing attacks of 17th August, the Spanish CNI (National Intelligence Centre) have revealed that mastermind Abdelbaki es Satty was a police informant.  Following the attack, which left 16 dead and hundreds injured, Spanish national and regional police have publicly feuded over control of the investigation.  The information has come to light due to accusations from the Catalan Mossos, that Madrid tried to conceal their knowledge of the terror Imam. Abdelbaki es Satty, Imam of Ripoli, died 16th August in an explosion at a chalet in Alcanar, Catalonia.  Explosives substances were found, along with 120 gas cylinders. The terror cell was building bombs to attack targets including the Sagrada Familia cathedral, in Barcelona.  The sub...

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    Germany: Syrian Migrant Rapes Pony

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    Jewish Bolshevism

    The Bolshevik Revolution’s Jewish Roots

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