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Germany: Antifa, Police Shut Down Women’s March in Berlin

The liberal establishment once again showed its true colours on Saturday, when the Police teamed up with Antifa to shut down a women's march in Berlin. The march (#Frauenmarsch), organised by Leyla Bilge of the '120 dezibel' campaign, was attended by around a thousand women voicing their concerns over Angela Merkel's open-door immigration policies. Erste Bilder vom #Frauenmarsch.#120dB pic.twitter.com/yyMpHIIt7X — 120Dezibel (@120dezibel) February 17, 2018 It's widely acknowledged that the tumultuous influx of African and Arab migrants from 2015 onward unleashed a disturbing wave of sexual violence across Germany. In fact, sexual offences committed by migrants increased by 500% between 2013 and 2016. Yet evidently, this was not the right kind of feminism in the eyes of ...

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