VIDEO: David Irving Talk On Traitor Churchill

David Irving is often derided as a holocaust denier (he does not deny the holocaust), a racist, and all manner of typically modern buzzwords, but he was once a greatly respected historian and authority on Adolf Hitler and the second world war.

He was revered by his fellow historians, but unlike them, he refused to “toe the line”, instead preferring to analyse data objectively and come to a logical conclusion. It is this pursuit of the truth that has destroyed his reputation, landed him in prison and seen him lose hundreds of thousands of pounds in civil court cases.

However, whatever they say about him or do to him, he is one of the world’s leading experts in his fields, and no amount of degradation or ridicule can take that accolade away from him.

In the video embedded below, Irving talks at length about Winston Churchill. He exposes the great lie built around this supposed “wartime hero”, using authentic evidence and artefacts to demonstrate the cowardice and corruption at the heart of Churchill’s political career.

The video is sometimes patchy and the sound may require adjustment, but please stick with it, as what you will hear is highly interesting and thought provoking:


William is a journalist based in the United Kingdom.