19-Year Old Migrant Arrested in Sweden on Suspicion of Child Rape

Sweden Rape

A 19-year old male, Iraqi migrant has been arrested in Sweden on suspicion of raping a nursery school child. The migrant came to Sweden as a child, in 2006, with his mother, father and five siblings.

The alleged rape took place at a nursery school in the municipality of Lindesberg on 18th April. The man was arrested and detained last Friday.

The suspect was an employee of the nursery school, where he had worked for approximately three months. It is the fourth Swedish school that the suspect has worked at. Police are currently trying to gather information to work out whether any previous assaults have taken place.

The suspect has denied the allegations. If found guilty, the minimum sentence for child rape in Sweden is two years.

As the case is being played out behind closed doors, we don’t have an unedited picture of the suspect at present.


But “Nothing is happening in Sweden”, right?


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