Sweden: 20-Year-Old Arrested After Rape in Härnösand

20-Year-Old Arrested After Rape in Härnösand

A 20-year-old man has been arrested for one of the rapes at Härnösand’s city party, where a total of 3 rapes and 19 sexual offences were reported last weekend.

The police added that the rape victims had been forcefully “penetrated” by the attackers.

Three rapes and 19 sexual offenders. It was the result of Härnösand’s city party this weekend.

Just after last week’s Saturday night, ten police reports had been filed describing in great detail that young girls between 15-18 years were sexually assaulted by men in public during the Härnösand’s city party.

Over twice as many reports were filed on Sunday, Friatider writes.

Rape, as described in these reports, include “penetration of the victims,” police say.

Two of the rapes took place in the middle of the audience and one just outside of the ‘festivities’.

Arrests were made

The Swedish police have arrested a 20-year-old man suspected of one of the rapes.

“I think we’re talking about a group of people, some of which have gone around (possibly to other festivals) and consist of about twenty different offenders. But that’s just a theory at this point, “says Anderz Ohlsson, the head police investigator.

Two more people that were suspected of sexual abuse were already released.

The Härnösand police said that they “hope now that they can more easily cope with more of the abuse they’ve seen”.

Although this very apparent rape culture keeps running wild across Sweden, the liberal Swedes (and other Europeans) don’t seem to acknowledge this particular rape culture. Especially because the main perpetrators of rapes in Sweden are of North African or Somali backgrounds.

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