US Foreign Policy: Europe Pays The Price!

Yesterday evening, US President Trump ordered a missile strike on Shayrat Air Base near Homs, Syria. This was supposedly in response to the alleged Sarin gas attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun in the rebel-held Idlib province of the country, for which the western media accuse President Bashar Al-Assad as being the man responsible.

Despite there being little evidence that the Syrian Arab Army actually committed the gas attack and, despite the fact the Syrian regime handed over their chemical weapons in 2013, the United States administration still felt it appropriate to act as judge, jury and executioner in the Middle-East once more.

White House officials are offering mixed messages, with one US defence official referring to the strike as a “one-off” and Pentagon officials later releasing a statement declaring that they have not ruled out further military action in the region.

This latest meddling saw the US, in what was described as a ‘targeted, surgical strike’, murder 5 civilian children.

But the wider ramifications of this latest foreign policy blunder from the United States will surely be felt by Europe. After all, it was the United States’ commencement of military action against President Assad in 2011 that sparked the mass exodus of migrants posing as refugees from the region to march right into Europe and of course, a state-funded new life. This was encouraged by the mainstream media in Europe, who predictably used images of dead children and the aftermath of US air-strikes as a guilt stick with which to beat any European over the head with who disagreed with the invasion.

Now, the United States are promising to once again create the conditions necessary for yet another exodus of migrants who are headed for Europe. Their clumsy air-strikes and the apparent instability of their President’s position on the subject are giving the lying media in Europe even more ammunition in their quest to browbeat the European into accepting what promises to be a summer of mass, third world invasion.

It is in the best interests of European nations for Syria to be at peace, for then there is one less excuse for the media to advertise yet another’ refugee’ influx. We must cease to follow America’s regime change initiatives in the region as we have in the past, like loyal dogs quaking in fear at the might of our master.

No more!

We cannot depend on the United States to create a unified western foreign policy, we must forge our own opinions and our own strategies based on what is in the interests of European nations, not the interests of the ‘deep state’ that appears to be pulling the strings across the pond. Every time we have followed America blindly into war in the Muslim world, we have always looked back in regret and despair.


William is a journalist based in the United Kingdom.