Identitarian NGO helping migrants in their home countries: “Mass emigration kills Africa and the Middle East – mass immigration kills Europe”

Sebastian Zeilinger was recently interviewed by Al Jazeera,  he is a member of the Identitarian NGO AHA! (Alternative Help Association). AHA! is a humanitarian NGO founded in 2017 which has vowed to fight wars, natural disasters, poverty, and violence, which are the most common causes that force people to flee their own countries in the direction of Europe. A very creative and smart way to fight the mass immigration problem by helping local populations in building themselves a future in their own homelands.

One of their slogans is:”Mass emigration kills Africa and the Middle East – mass immigration kills Europe”. An objective truth, there are no winners when it comes to mass immigration, the receiver gets flooded with people who are looking for a better life and come from a different world and will probably never integrate and at the same time their countries of origin are hurt by the lack of young people rebuilding the country, young adults are the foundation with which a country needs to grow and recover.

A humanitarian way to fight immigration should be praised but what the author of the Al Jazeera article does is unsurprisingly despicable, depicting the humanitarian activists as extremists and incapable of helping. A voluntary from another NGO focused on eliminating “right-wing extremism” (yes helping children in Lebanon is now being an extremist) named Simone Rafael said: “It is now not to keep people out by letting them drown, but keep people out by helping them in their home countries”.

Apparently, you are allowed to be a humanitarian activist only if you are a leftist and in favor of the ethnic replacement ongoing in Europe. The article goes on questioning the capabilities of the AHA! activists and saying inexperienced people like them are dangerous, “extremist” groups launching initiatives focusing on refugees is, of course, something the left wouldn’t like.


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