EU interfering in Italian politics:”Hopefully Italy will not change its policies on migrants. And the public debt must be decreased”. Salvini:”Unacceptable interference, ENOUGH!”

EU commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos outed his concerns about the developing political situation in Italy with the ongoing dealings between the 5 Stars Movement and Salvini’s Lega, the populist parties. The EU bureaucrat is preoccupied about Italy’s future and fears policies on migrants and the public debt will change. Once again EU bureaucrats meddle into Italian politics, uninvited.

Salvini swiftly responded to Avramopoulos’ nonsense with a short statement on his Facebook:

“Hopefully Italy will not change its policies on migrants.” So the Eu commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos says.
Yet another unacceptable interference from unelected officials. We have welcomed and maintained enough if not too much, now it is the time for legality, security, and rejection!”

Salvini’s comment on his Facebook

Truly unacceptable words coming from the Greek commissioner, Italy has been receiving hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants every year and yet the EU has the courage to ask the Italian people to endure more even though they clearly voted against mass migration and austerity policies. The EU is rotten to the core and truly anti-democratic.

The current Italian President, Mattarella, is acting like the good lapdog he is by trying everything he can to put a wrench in Salvini’s plans to form a government with the 5 Stars, refusing to give Salvini or any Lega’s member any of the top roles. Mattarella is doing all these undemocratic things while talking to the press about the “dangers” of populism. The Italian people have spoken and the words of a mad old man like Mattarella will not change their minds. Salvini’s approval keeps on raising and he has proved himself a true leader.


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