Lega Employee allegedly attacked by a leftist extremist with a hatchet

Just one day after Elections day there has already been another aggression carried out by the leftist extremists. A Lega employee was allegedly assaulted, Repubblica reports, by a man carrying a hatchet in the city of Milan.

The victim, an employee of the official Party radio station “Radio Padania”, was approached by an unknown man who shouted “Leghista di merda!” which translates into something like “filthy/fucking Lega voter”, then the man added “You guys (Lega supporters) disgust me, I am coming for you!”. After saying these things, the leftist extremist pulled out a hatchet and tried to attack the Lega employee.

The attacker was luckily stopped by the police and arrested, the suspect is apparently a 50 years old man with “mental issues”.



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