Migrants, Outrageous Juncker: “We will defend the rights of African migrants in Italy”

The EU official once again shows to the entire continent that at Bruxelles the interests of native Europeans are the least important thing. Juncker outrageously said that they (the EU) will defend African migrants rights after the recent Italian elections which proved to be a huge refusal of the immigration stance taken by the EU elites.

“We do not judge governments by what they announce, but by what they will do. Nevertheless, we will be alert, in order to fully defend the rights of the African migrants currently staying in Italy”.

The new coalition, composed by Salvini’s Lega and the Di Maio’s 5stars movement, has made it clear that stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal migrants will be one of their priorities. Italians have made it extremely clear, through democracy, that they are tired of the mass immigration Italy has been suffering the last years.

But what is democracy for the European oligarchs in Bruxelles? Democracy is good when their candidates win, whenever the globalist agenda loses an election suddently democracy is bad, because it empowers populism and “dangerous” ideas like Nationalism,natality and usually a stop to illegal immigration and therefore the population replacement. The Italian populist victory is just the start, the EU and Juncker times are over.




Italian student, identitarian and political activist.