Salvini: 42 millions from “Hospitality” to “Repatriations”

42 millions from “Hospitality” to “Repatriations”, this is the promise of Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister who goes on saying:”What was a business which enriched few at the cost of harming many will now become an investment in security and repatriations”

Picture posted on Matteo Salvini’s official Facebook page

Salvini just reminded his voting base that he wants to keep his promise of deporting the 500k illegals he promised to deport during his campaign before the elections held the 4th of March. The freshly started Italian government has already acted strongly against the illegal immigration business and basically shut down all NGOs operations, what’s next in the process of securing its borders and internal security is starting the repatriation program.

Salvini is currently the most trusted politician in the country according to polls and his ratings keep going up, we can say with almost certainty that the day the repatriations begin his ratings will skyrocket even higher. It is now up to Salvini to keep is word and strengthen his position.

Italian student, identitarian and political activist.