Salvini on Hungarian Leader Orban:”Together we will change Europe”

“Today I had a long and friendly phone call with the Hungarian Prime Minister, who wished us luck and with who we will work to change the rules of the European Union”, these are Salvini’s words on his exchange with the Hungarian nationalist PM.

An Italian-Hungarian axis would mean a stronger anti-EU force in Bruxelles which could change the current equilibrium and force the EU to listen to the various “populist” forces, especially after yet another right-wing victory in the latest Slovenian elections by the conservative party SDS led by  Janez Janša, yet another Orban’s friend.

Brexit first, Afd rising in Germany to be the second party in the country, right-wing winning in Austria, Salvini’s rise to power in Italy, Orban’s reelection and now Slovenia. A long series of anti-EU victories which truly show how the times are changing, the EU is crumbling on itself and every day fewer people believe in it.

Italian student, identitarian and political activist.