First Vice-President of the European Commission: “Islam is our future”


There is little doubt as to how the European Union views Europe’s future. The First Vice-President of the European Commission – Frans Timmermans declared at a meeting of ten imams thatIslam is our story, Islam is part of our present, and Islam will be part of our future.


In a time of more and more worry about the Islamization of society, the EU’s silence is deafening. The other day, the EU Commissioner and European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans led a round table meeting together with ten leading imams from six EU member nations (Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria). 

Timmermans declared in a press release after the meeting that: Islam is in Europe to stay.

“How we help our inhabitants, regardless of their background, to embrace the diversity that is a reality in European societies, will determine how our common future will look like,” says Frans Timmermans, who is well known for his evasion on Islam. Diversity like this was never a reality in our societies, and we should treat this forced diversity as it is, a foreign, alien concept.

“Discrimination against Muslims”

The goal of the meeting, according to Frans Timmermans, was to create a more open and deeper dialogue with Muslim communities in various areas such as education of imams, discrimination against Muslims, religious freedom, the threat of extremism and “Islamic extremism”, including the challenges and opportunities which migration offers. No talk on how negatively migration of 3rd worlders and their cultures has impacted European society.

“Islam is our story, Islam is part of our present, and Islam will be part of our future,” says Frans Timmermans. We know where this one stands.   

Source: Samhällsnytt

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