Italy: Illegal Ghanaian Kills 77 Years Old Man With His Bare Hands

The Ghanaian migrant reached Italy illegally, he then tried to seek asylum but was refused. He was recently arrested after causing mayhem in a pub in the city of Castel Volturno. The man, called Kwasi, was arrested and brought to a psychiatric clinic where the following the day, even though he had previously been sedated, he released his anger and madness into another patient, an Italian man of 77 years.

The Ghanaian bashed the poor sick man’s head in with his bare hands, the old man couldn’t even defend himself. The clinic staff arrived too late to save the man, the savage attempted to attack them but he was later stopped and arrested by the military police (Carabinieri).

It is still unknown if Kwasi will be jailed or deported, but what is certain is that today multiculturalism took another man’s life. The murder of this innocent old man reminds me a lot of what is happening in South Africa, where hundreds of women and old people are targeted as easy preys.

Italian student, identitarian and political activist.