Italy: boy is raped by 2 Pakistani men while waiting for a train

Two Pakistani men were arrested today in the southern Italian city of Brindisi, il Messagero reports, for allegedly raping a boy waiting for a train in the station. The two alleged rapists are called Rab Nawaz and Ali Imram, both in their late twenties.

According to the information collected the two men first approached the Italian boy in a provoking way, the boy then tried to escape but was caught and brought in a small alley. The boy tried to resist but in vain. After raping the poor boy the two criminals escaped with their car, but were caught by a nearby camera and later arrested by the police, who the boy himself called. The two Pakistanis have already been brought to the local jail.

This is not the first time even boys are targeted by Muslims in Europe, especially Pakistanis who come from a country which has huge problems when it comes to pedophilia and grooming young kids. Thanks to this mad idea of welcoming people from all around the globe even boys are no longer safe.












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