Pope Francis on the World Migrants Day: “Overcome Your Fears and be Welcoming”

Pope Francis on the Global Migrants Day:"Overcome your fears and be welcoming"

Pope Francis dedicated today’s mass to migrants and refugees in honor of the world day of migrants and refugees. Francis once again appealed to his believers, asking them to overcome their fears related to mass immigration and diversity and suggested to be more welcoming.

Pope Francis talked also about what migrants have to endure in Italy, talked about their fears and concerns for their futures and saying that integrating is not an easy thing. The Pope then again condemned discrimination and blamed it on fear and prejudices, things that must be overcome.

Elections in Italy are approaching, the 4th of March Italians will decide the fate of their country for the next years and the Pope is basically campaigning for the left. Francis is exploiting every single opportunity he has to talk about mass immigration and tolerance, using religion as a tool to facilitate a globalist victory in the upcoming elections.






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