Vienna: Interior Minister Herbert Kickl Wants to Create a Special Unit to Combat Migrant Traffickers in the Western Balkans

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He will, as he announced, at a meeting in Sarajevo on Thursday, propose the creation of mechanisms (specifically a joint unit) to monitor waves of illegal migration and people trafficking to his colleagues from the region.

Kickl says that the current situation needs to be analysed, and that the complete picture should be viewed jointly. He advocates for the establishment of a unit for a reinforced fight against smugglers, in which experts from Austria and countries of southeastern Europe would be involved.

As far as that is needed by countries which are especially affected such as Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, support should be offered. 

“I will make it clear in Sarajevo that Austria is ready, if the need arises, to close its borders” , noted Kickl.

Author’s note: As populism rises, so the European peoples reject the globalist policies of the EU, we CAN control our borders.

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