Pope Francis exploits Christianity once again:”Not defending migrants is not a Christian thing”

Pope Francis exploits every possible occasion to instrumentalize Christianity for its xenophilic desires. His latest remarks on the immigration problem sound almost like some kind of blackmail or condemnation for “bad Christians”. According to Pope Francis if you are not defending migrants (and therefore mass immigration and the population replacement ongoing everywhere in Europe) you are not a good Christian.

“Not defending migrants is not a Christian thing”, Francis bravely said. Apparently, according to what the Third Worldist Pope 66% of Italians aren’t good Christians since they oppose mass-migration. The Catholic Church has been suffering heavy losses in fame and support in the last 20 years, Pope Francis has been exploiting the Church for years for political reasons and pushed away millions of traditional Christians causing massive division among believers.

The Italian left which used to be the classic Atheist religion-hating left suddenly became “Catholic”, politicians like Laura Boldrini (Liberi e Uguali leader) often praised Pope Francis for his humanitarian achievements. Crazy as it sounds Italy is suffering a huge religious crisis, the main religious organization of country is turning on its own believers and slowly self-destructing.

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