44% increase, nearly 1 in 10 pupils in Italy of immigrant background

pupils in italian schools

Nearly 1 in 10 pupils in Italy have immigrant parents, an enormous increase of 44% during the last 10 years.

A study from the Leone Moressa Foundation reveals that there are 826,091 ‘new Italians’, equal to 9.4% of the total.

In the last 10 years, their number has increased by 44%, while that of Italians has decreased by 5.7%. Mainly due to fertility rates and immigration. 

The amount of immigrant children is higher in lower-level schools: in nursery and primary schools it exceeds 10%.

The largest populations of immigrant kids are Romanian and Albanian followed by Moroccan. Greece and Italy have been on the forefront of tackling the immigrant problem and have accepted huge numbers of people thanks to the EU’s open border policies and generous welfare states. 

The Italian people are fed up with this ridiculous amount of immigration. The government must look after it’s own people first, and with very high youth unemployment and the economic issues that the overwhelmingly welfare dependent migrants have created, it becomes clear why the Italians are voting for change. We’ve seen where this shift in demographics leads to in the west of the continent already.

Sources: Westmonster , Repubblica

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