British Police Want You To Report Nasty Words, Even If The Law Isn’t Broken

The police force of South Yorkshire tweeted this morning advising their followers to report “non-crime hate incidents” such as “offensive or insulting comments” which take place in person or on the internet, even if the law isn’t broken.

The tweet was partnered with an image of a non-White woman, with various pictures of foreigners behind her who had words such as “sad”, “hurt” and “alone” written over their faces.

It’s becoming difficult to muster together the words to describe the various police forces in Britain, who prioritise hurt feelings, painting their nails and attending Pride parades, over stopping the mass rape, torture and murder of British children at the hands of foreign invaders. As we know, it is the county of South Yorkshire that is home to the city of Rotherham, an area in which the British establishment covered up the abuse of what is now thought to be at least 1510 young girls.

We are only one step away from the British establishment policing our thoughts, and I dread to think what kind of trouble we would all be in if they were able to see inside our heads. At the time of writing this article, South Yorkshire Police’s tweet has 418 retweets, 312 likes and 5500 comments. The ratio says it all!

I have included the tweet and a screenshot of the tweet below, in case they decide to delete it.







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