Germany: Coalition Deal Signals Continuation Of Mass Migration Politics


Germany’s “new” coalition government spells doom for ordinary Germans, as CDU/SPD representatives agree that the country must continue to take 200,000 “refugees” every year.

This is in addition to regular immigration from the third world, as well as from Eastern Europe. This means that Germany will retain the unwelcome accolade of having the highest rate of immigration per capita than any other country on earth.

The coalition have also agreed that existing immigrant communities as a collective can bring an additional 1,000 immigrants to the country every month.

This pact of death, signed by Merkel and Schulz, means another term of ‘grand coalition’ government, which effectively translates as a Great Replacement government.

As it stands, more than 1 in 5 “Germans” have an immigrant background, the highest proportion in any European country – even greater than Sweden. Germans are already a minority in Frankfurt, and this trend will only be accelerated by another term of Merkel’s migrant mendacity.


William is a writer based in England, Great Britain.