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Repeal The 8th: The Destruction of Traditional Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland is quite unusual in the context of its situation in North-Western Europe. Whilst the United Kingdom, Germany, the Scandinavian countries and the Low countries have descended into liberal dystopia, permissively waving through sweeping liberalisations of culture and society, Ireland has been somewhat late to the party, as the expression goes. This can be largely attributed to its Catholic Faith, which has seen the country embrace atheism with much less ferocity than the formerly protestant nations in its geographic vicinity. This is also cited for Ireland’s relatively late adoption of certain cultural reforms, such as no-fault divorce and homosexual marriage, which were otherwise accepted as a matter of course by her neighbours. On Friday 25th May, the Irish people ...

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Chabloz on Trial, Free Speech Advocates Silent

Chabloz on Trial, “Free Speech” Advocates Silent

‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ This quote, attributed to English author Evelyn Beatrice Hall, is a particular favourite of Britain’s self-styled free speech advocates. The freedom to speak one’s mind, unmolested by the state, is for them, non-negotiable, or so they say. Yet it transpires that what they’re really campaigning for is limited freedom of speech within the confines determined by their internalised political correctness. Two cases in recent weeks have demonstrated this fact. Firstly, there’s the internationally publicised case of Usurla Haverbeck, an 89-year-old German woman who has just began a two-year prison sentence for ‘minimising the scale of the holocaust’. Continental "de-Nazification" legislation ...

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Why is the Left so Quick to Excuse Rape? Continental Edition

For all of the talk of compassion that comes from the Left, even a cursory glance at the horrors being perpetrated against the women of Europe reveal these claims to be at best ignorantly one-sided and at worst deliberately duplicitous. By 2030, it is estimated that one in four Swedish women and girls will have been raped (the number presently stands at one in eight). The culprits are obvious: as of 2014, rape in Sweden had risen 1,472% since 1975, the first year of large-scale immigration—though the numbers from back then look sublimely small by comparison. 80% of molestations in Sweden’s public baths have been committed by men of foreign origin. Approximately five percent of Sweden’s population consists of Moslem males, and yet they account for 77% of the country’s rapes; 95.6% o...

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Alt-Tech: Making It Happen

On Thursday evening, GoDaddy removed its hosting for in the latest bout of censorship on the web. They had given Richard Spencer 48 hours to transfer the domain to another host and having failed to do so, the website is now offline. This once again highlights the necessity of an Alt-Tech infrastructure and illustrates how far we are from achieving this. [readmore direction="" categoryID=""]   Attack On Our Platforms After Charlottesville there was an all-out attack on many ethno-nationalist platforms & content creators. Red Ice was hacked, the Daily Stormer had their domain seized and numerous other content creators were booted from funding platforms such as PayPal, GoFundMe and Patreon. Hatreon, a funding platform setup as a free-speech alternative, has had C...

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Paralysed by Fear

Paralysed By Fear & The Art Of The Start

If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t really matter how you get there. But when you do know where you’re going, yet never set off on your journey, then all the planning in the world becomes irrelevant. This inability to make a decision or simply to start, is commonly known as paralysis analysis. When you dig a little deeper though, it isn’t analysis that is paralysing us, it’s fear. (more…)...

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Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him

John Enoch Powell MBE or, Enoch Powell as he came to be best known, was once a towering figure of British politics. By the end of his political career, he was hated by the left and right in equal measure for his stances on controversial issues such as race, race relations, immigration and Europe. However, this hatred was born mainly in the corridors of Westminster and did not translate into public opinion (well, at least not until the lügenpresse poisoned the minds of a generation). Now, thanks to the educational brainwashing of the British people along with the media’s mendacity, Enoch Powell is considered almost as a boogeyman of our politics, with anybody who dares to speak of immigration constantly frightened they may be compared to him. [adsense] The level of hatred that the...

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Syria: There Can Be No Avoiding It – Trump is Pushing US Imperialism

Syria: An international coalition of America, the UK, and France launched 100+ missiles at key sites for the legitimate Syrian government, with three chemical weapons facilities being targeted by the US-led onslaught. This is the latest in a streak of Western actions targeting the government of Bashar al-Assad for unverified chemical attacks. In recent months, the West has been taking an increasingly hostile tone towards Syria, after dubious accusations that the Syrian government have been using chemical weapons on their own people. [adsense] Regardless of your own stance on the strikes, there is one key question that must be answered: why would Assad, who has all but won the civil war against Islamist and opposition insurgents, open himself and his government up to being torn apart...

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Demographic Case Study: Argentina

"Argentina outshines its neighbours economically as a result of a larger European demographic..." In a world of fake news, government manipulation of the media and liberal fifth columnists spreading misinformation, it is often extremely challenging to establish cause and effect between demographic change and national outcome. On some issues, this is fairly straightforward. Take violent crime, for instance; there is ample evidence to prove that increased levels of "diversity" in any given region directly fuels an increase in gun crime, knife crime, robberies, terrorism and so on. London is a perfect example of this. However, when it comes to things like broader economic trends, the data is difficult to translate into established causation. For instance, no social scientist who valued his o...

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South Africa: Black SANDF Major Free To Be Racist

  On March the 10th 2018, Professor Kobus Naude (76) was stabbed to death with a knife, in front of his wife and three of their friends at their home in Randpark Ridge, Gauteng, South Africa. [adsense] One of his friends, Reverend Braam van Wyk (80) was severely assaulted by the attackers. He was tied up, and while lying on the floor with his hands behind his back, the attackers stood on him and kicked him in the face. After the brutal assault, Reverend Braam van Wyk’s son, Johan van Wyk turned to Facebook where he attached a graphic photo of his father’s severely beaten face covered in blood and commented the following: “What cowards kick an 80 year old man in his face while his hands are tied behind his back? They also killed his friend, a wonderful man, reti...

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Not An Argument: Using Labels to Attack Individuals and Their Character

"I'm not racist, but..." How many times during an argument have you heard or said the above statement, with a subsequent comment that may come across as edgy or possibly prejudice, if, the aforementioned quote was not used as a prefix? [readmore direction="" categoryID=""] Now, why do people feel the need say it? They say it for fear of being branded and being shunned by others. They have a view that they feel strongly enough to voice, but worry that some people may find it unacceptable. So they try and soften the hammer blow with: "I'm not *insert word that highlights you are not something that someone will immediately assume you are without this comment*, but..."   [adsense] Now as a teenager, whenever I heard of someone being called racist, it was a very seriou...

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