Saxony: Foreigners Nine Times More Likely To Be Criminal Than Germans

In Saxony, the people of Chemnitz have experienced a few turbulent days which have resulted in the death of a 35-year-old German Cuban producing huge protests. The media talk of the predominantly peaceful protesting Germans as a "right-wing mob". The mayor recently appeared "worried" and "ashamed". Ashamed of the citizens she ought to represent, who rightfully exercise their right to protest and no longer want to tolerate increasing violence by foreigners? 8,000 to 12,000 protesters have given vent to their anger. Inevitably, some people who give the whole protest a bad mark will join. This is a pity, but hard to prevent. Of course, the media see it differently and generalise the misconduct of very few people, doing exactly what they so often admonish and in which they see nothing less...

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Doxed and Fired: There’s Still Time to Support The Rachels Family

There's still time to support the Rachels family who are struggling after dad, Christopher "Chase" Rachels, was doxed and fired from his job for supporting White well-being. This could happen to any of us for speaking out about the things we do, but it is particularly bad in this situation as Chase has a family to fend for and he is currently out of work. For those of us who would like help out, we have shared Chase's donation links below. PayPal: BTC: 396k84noc42w4Sq8nf3LeJUkfXs6bKXadX   The full story can be found in the video below.      ...

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Climate changes hits Europe radically this summer

Severe drought and extensive heat waves have hit Europe in the recent weeks, causing to the Europeans discomfort in the presence of sun exposure, degradation of the landscapes and even increased disease spread, which has filled the various hospitals across the European continent. Scientists are warning that the record-breaking heatwave that Europe currently face, is likely to become regular rather than an exception, as climate change discomposes weather standards. [adsense] "What was once regarded as unusually warm weather will become commonplace – in some cases, it already has," said the Director of the University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute (ECI), Dr Friederike Otto in a study released recently. "This is something that society can and should prepare for," O...

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defiant bishop

Defiant Italian Bishop Condemns ‘Collective’ Demonisation of Matteo Salvini

The defiant bishop of Chioggia has criticised Catholic attacks on Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for his efforts to curb illegal immigration, noting that the people’s frustration with the nation's immigration situation “is not irrational.” Commenting on a recent cover story from Famiglia Cristiana, Italy’s largest Catholic publication, which unironically compared Mr. Salvini to the devil, the defiant Bishop Adriano Tessarollo pointed out that it is “stupid” to identify the magazine with all Catholic priests. It's important to note that framing doesn't just apply to secular media, unfortunately. “Let’s stop this collectivising mentality,” the bishop said in his interview with Corriere del Veneto. “Broad categorical judgements are the most malevolent and of...

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Italy’s Salvini Sends Mainstream Media Into Meltdown By Referencing Mussolini

Italy's popular Interior Minister and king of selfies, Matteo Salvini, is under fire from the mainstream media for a reference he made towards former Prime Minister of Italy and leader of the National Fascist Party, Benito Mussolini. Yesterday, on 29th July (Mussolini's birthday), Salvini tweeted "Tanti nemici, tanto onore!" which translates as "So many enemies, so much honour!" Many are saying that this is a reference to Mussolini's "Molti nemici, molto onore" (Many enemies, much honour).   Salvini's tweet was in response to an article that highlights various groups of people that Salvini has upset and details how his popularity continues to rise despite this. Salvini, who has taken a hard stance ...

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Greece under emergency with several deaths in the fires

The government and the Greek authorities have declared a state of emergency after devastating fires broke out in the country on Monday, causing at least 74 deaths and hundreds of injuries, several of them in critical condition. About 500 firefighters are fighting the five major active fires in different parts of the country. At least 74 deaths have been confirmed but the number is estimated to be even higher as emergency services continue to receive calls reporting the disappearance of people. The search for them is being carried out by patrol groups, made up of the Armed Forces and the various Fire Departments, in the areas of Rafina, Neos Voutzas and Mati. [adsense] There are 187 confirmed injuries, with at least 11 being in critical condition and among the wounded 23 are childre...

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Students Deface ‘Imperialist’ Rudyard Kipling’s Poem

Students at the University of Manchester have this week demonstrated the decline in academic freedom by defacing the 'nation's favourite poem' just a week after it was erected. The poem 'If' by renowned author and poet Rudyard Kipling was placed on a wall within the university campus. The 1895 masterpiece is also inscribed above the entrance to Wimbledon's Centre Court. Students painted over the poem because, allegedly, Rudyard Kipling was a 'racist' and 'imperialist'. Fatima Abid, General Secretary of the Student Union, tweeted the boringly predictable rubbish about 'black and brown voices' allegedly being airbrushed out of history. The poem was replaced by 'Still I Rise' by Maya Angelou - an African-American poet who, in all likelihood, nobody outside of snowflake circle...

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Jewish Media

Jewish Takeover of British Media?

According to media reports, US media Comcast is set to purchase Britain's second largest news network. The bid for Sky PLC, the parent company of Sky News, will represent the big shift in the modern media landscape. An interesting feature of this takeover bid, that most fail to realise let alone raise, is that the takeover would place one of Britain's premier news networks in entirely Jewish hands. The founder of Comcast - which also owns NBC and film giants Universal - is a certain Ralph J. Roberts, the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia. The Chairman and CEO is Robert L. Roberts, another of Jewish extraction. Senior Executive Vice-President (and Chief Financial Officer) Michael Cavanagh used to work for JP Morgan and Rubenstein's (no, seriously) Carlyle Group. Finally, t...

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Tragedy on Bute: 16 Year Old Male Charged For rape and Murder of 6 Year Old Girl

The people of the island of Bute have been shattered by their first murder in more than 30 years. About 06:25 hours on the 2nd of July 2018, panic and uncertainty was rife on the peaceful island of Bute, off the West coast of Scotland. A young girl of 6 years old, Alesha MacPhail was reported missing by her family. Merely three hours later, the body of a girl was found in a woodland area near to the home of Alesha's grandparents. The body was later confirmed to be that of Alesha. Alesha had been at the beginning of a 3 week trip to the island to see family members, whilst on her summer holiday. [adsense] A police investigation was launched on Bute, which saw a large increase in the numbers of officers on the island carrying out investigations and reassurance patrols for the res...

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Iuliana - murder of a 15 year old

Updates on Iuliana’s Murder

The 15-year-old died on Monday after a knife attack in Viersen on the Lower Rhine. The seriousness of the murder provoked a region wide manhunt for the suspects.  After following false leads on suspects, the alleged perpetrator who stabbed and killed Iuliana, a 17-year-old boy,  appeared at a police station in the city of Mönchengladbach along with his lawyer to turn himself in. The 17-year-old teenager from Bulgaria lives in Viersen. He was arrested. Investigations into the circumstances and background of the offense continue. Meanwhile, to clear up the confusion surrounding the case. Previously, a false suspect was arrested, but he has since been released. A 25-year old from Turkey was suspected because he fled police when they approached him but later turned himself...

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