93% of Irish Residents IGNORED by Unholy Alliance of Capitalists & Immigrant Advocates

Further evidence of The Great Betrayal as a prerequisite of The Great Replacement has reached us from the Irish nation in the last week, where the small village of Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, is being forced to accommodate asylum seekers against the expressed wishes of the electorate. The plans include the transformation of King Thomond Hotel into an ominously named 'direct provision centre', that will house as many as 115 refugees - equivalent to 15% of the town's total population. During a consultation process, residents of Lisdoonvarna were consulted on the immigration project and firmly rejected it. In a local referendum on the issue, 93% voted against the proposal. [adsense] Despite this resounding message from locals, hotelier Marcus White - owner of King Thomond Hotel - ...

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No Man is an Island: The “Migrant Crisis”, Coming Soon to a Country Near You

If Silvio Berlusconi’s party is victorious next month, the media magnate has declared that the homogeneous Mediterranean island nation of Malta “will have to share in the burden” of accepting migrants again—an ongoing point of serious contention between Malta and Italy to the north—presumably because a nation that is 95% percent Maltese is an intolerable injustice in this multi-cultural era. At Europe’s other extremity, the Icelandic government has used the excuse of a “labor shortage” to upset the country’s fragile demographic balance; at 91% Icelandic, the indigenous share of the population, at the present rate, is expected to decline another six percentage points by 2030. These are not nations with large populations; at 450,000 and 350,000, respectively, Maltese and Ic...

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Cheddar Man

Have Some Cheese with that Whine: Cheddar Man as Migrant Avatar

After sequencing the genome and performing facial reconstruction on the fossil of 1903 finding, “Cheddar Man,” researchers now surmise that the approximately 10,000-year-old hunter-gatherer was a dark-skinned, dark-haired, blue-eyed lad in his twenties who originally came from either Africa or the Middle East—which might speak to why at least 75% of Europe’s incoming migrants are fighting-age men. Perhaps the “powers that be” anticipated this “revelation” by simply trying to recreate the phenotypical characteristics of Cheddar Man and other Mesolithic fossils found in Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg. This is cause for celebration, because it is yet another cudgel to pound Whites with, all in the interest of dispossessing them of their ancestral homelands via a deluge of Thir...

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syrian 'refugees'

Croatia: 40 Syrian Asylum Seekers Housed in Zadar

These 'asylum seekers' chose to come to Croatia of their own accord, they are not refugees, they're economic migrants. Refugees do not get to choose where they go, rather they are grateful to whomever will accept them. "I was first in Lebanon, then in Turkey and I looked for a way to come to Croatia and I succeeded." - and the lying media has the guts to call these people 'asylum seekers' [readmore direction="" categoryID=""] In a country where youth unemployment is such an issue that we are third in youth unemployment in the EU, one wonders why we would want migrants when our own young people can't find a job in their country so they go elsewhere in the EU in search of a job. The operative partner of the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs with this project of relocation is...

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German fertility magazine

German Fertility Magazine Promotes Aggressive Miscegenation Agenda

The German fertility magazine Adelene has been found to be aggressively pushing the establishment's miscegenation agenda, research has found. The magazine, a popular monthly magazine for prospective mothers, publishes online and in print across Germany. The landing page for the magazine's website,, proudly displays a picture of an African male with a native German woman, as if to suggest this is the normal, typical pairing in modern Germany. [adsense] Adelene gained online notoriety recently, after an image was shared of its cover from August 2017. Again, this displays a native German woman with an African "New German" male, as pictured below: The cover of a German fertility & pregnancy magazine. I think the agenda is clear!

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Fontana white race

Lega Candidate, Fontana: “Too Many Immigrants, We Must Defend our Ethnicity, The White Race”

Lega's Candidate Fontana shocked the public after his latest statements while he was a guest on the official Lega radio station, Radio Padana. Fontana was discussing mass immigration and said this: "We cannot accept all the immigrants who are coming here, we must decide if our ethnicity, our white race, our society must be preserved or let them be destroyed." Fontana is currently running for the presidency for Lombardy, the biggest region in Italy with the strongest economy, for Lega. The left instantly attacked and denounced Fontana for his words but the people, the Italians who are victims of multiculturalism and forced mass immigration mostly agree with Mr.Fontana. Later the politician released a statement saying he meant to use other words, while Matteo Salvini, the Leader of Lega,...

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Earnest Albert Hooton

The Great Replacement, Part 8: Earnest Hooton and the Ethnic Cleansing of the Germans

Welcome to part 8 of our 'The Great Replacement' series where we are investigating the planned and operational genocide of native Europeans. In this article, we will be focusing on the ideas of Earnest Albert Hooton and his post-World War 2 bid to breed ethnic Germans out of existence. If you've missed any previous articles in this series, you can go back to part 1: here.   An Introduction to Earnest Albert Hooton Earnest Albert Hooton was a Jewish-American physical anthropologist who specialised in the connections between behaviour and race. He was born in Wisconsin in 1887 and it was there that he received his MA in 1908 and his Ph.D. in 1911. Following this, he moved to England where he studied at Oxford University before returning to the United States where he taught at Ha...

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Leftist politician wants migrants to repopulate the Italian Island of Sardinia

Leftist Politician Wants Migrants to Repopulate the Italian Island of Sardinia

A Sardinian politician, Luigi Arru, working for the region, suggested to bring in more migrants to Sardinia to combat the declining birthrates. The local right-wing politicians instantly called out Arru's plan, claiming that using migrants to combat birthrates is basically ethnic replacement. Arru released an interview to a local news outlet saying: "In order to revert the dramatic declining birthrates we must facilitate immigration..." Shocking as it is, Arru is being honest and open about his plans to replace the native population. We have heard this population replacement plans everywhere (we have covered various examples starting from here). Even the UN itself made a list of countries which "need" migrants to combat their declining birthrates. How about we enable our own people to ...

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The Coming Change: Demographics of the Future

It is no secret that birth rates across the Western world are low, below replacement to be precise. Historically, countries with birth rates below 1.50 never recovered. We must fix this if we expect to have a future, and not with anyone other than ourselves. This change cannot be ignored. Denmark - 1.69 Belgium - 1.74 Germany - 1.50 Greece - 1.30 Italy - 1.37 United Kingdom - 1.81   It has long been a point that the Left and the globalists have used to demoralize us Europeans and make us believe that we need immigration from countries other than our own to fix the 'demographic problem'. They have used this seemingly innocent argument that immigrants from Africa and the Middle-East have higher birth rates, ergo, we need to bring them to Europe to offset our...

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The Great Replacement, Part 7: An Introduction to Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

Over the course of the last few months, we've been looking at The Great Replacement in a number of European countries. We started off with France, just before the French Presidential Election, and we finished off with Sweden. In each of these previous articles, we studied each country's immigration history and current demographic information (including ethnic and religious make up) in quite some depth. Moving forward in this series, we'll be looking at Europe as a whole. We'll be exploring how immigration and fertility rates have altered our continent and we'll be providing an overview of what Europe looks like today and how things are expected to look in the future. We'd like to start the concluding parts of our series by looking at some theory behind the Great Replacement, namely;...

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