British Police Want You To Report Nasty Words, Even If The Law Isn’t Broken

The police force of South Yorkshire tweeted this morning advising their followers to report "non-crime hate incidents" such as "offensive or insulting comments" which take place in person or on the internet, even if the law isn't broken. The tweet was partnered with an image of a non-White woman, with various pictures of foreigners behind her who had words such as "sad", "hurt" and "alone" written over their faces. It's becoming difficult to muster together the words to describe the various police forces in Britain, who prioritise hurt feelings, painting their nails and attending Pride parades, over stopping the mass rape, torture and murder of British children at the hands of foreign invaders. As we know, it is the county of South Yorkshire that is home to the city of Rotherham, an...

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Swedish Election 2018: Results and Reactions From a Nationalist Perspective

On Sunday 9th September, the people of Sweden went to the polls in order to elect a new government in a highly anticipated election for people across the political spectrum. The establishment and alternative media have gone head to head for the past few weeks. While the elite alarmed with stories of "fake news" and "Neo Nazis", they also greatly downplayed the effects that mass immigration has had on Sweden in recent years. Alternative news sites, on the other hand, did our best to counter this, creating article, after meme, after podcast, after video; in a bid to convince the people of Sweden that it's time to start putting themselves first. All of this was done while keeping one eye on the prize: that magical, yet elusive, 4% for the newly formed Alternativ för Sverige. Conversations...

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Football, a European culture and tradition, killed by globalism!

How many of us, men and women, boys or girls, Europeans, fanatics or supporters of the "king of sports", don't like the fervor of when the weekend comes and the heart begins to tighten, tensions rise and the emotions are high as the hour of the football game of our team is approaching? Now, this article, clearly, will only be understood by our readers who like football and are European! "Europeans? But football is also practiced in America, Asia, Africa etc... "Yes, in Europe!" Because here football finds its roots, here football is tradition, it's culture... It's something unique... Something European... [adsense] It can be said that football finds its origins in China in the second or third century. But it wasn't quite the football we have today. Something quite different. It wa...

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Salvini and Orban: The New Alliance For European Nationalists

Following the rendezvous between Matteo Salvini, the Italian Interior Minister, and Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, on Tuesday 28th August in Milan, it can provide some excitement for nationalists in the run up to the European Elections of 2019.  In recent years, Italy has been the dumping grounds for a number of African migrants and it is proven that this system of 'taking in refugees' with a different culture and expecting them to integrate into European society is without a doubt impossible. The Italian people did voice their concerns and the Italian populists received almost 60% of the votes back in the Italian elections earlier this year. Viktor Orban, the leader of the Fidesz Party, also understands the dangers of accepting mass migration and he has out-right refused ...

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New York

New York, New York, New York

James Joyce once said that when writing about Dublin that he could get to the heart of any city in the world. Even though he left Dublin quite young and never returned, it was still where he based most of his stories. In the current era of neo-liberal globalisation, I think this culture can best be embodied by New York City. New York City is the unofficial capital of the world and it influences what the rest of the world follows in terms of the precedents it sets in terms of culture and social mores especially in the west. If we can get to the heart of New York then we can get to the heart of the current thinking among our elites. This article does not just apply to New York but is the primary source where this way of thinking emanates from. It could be applied to other metropolises acr...

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When President Trump Came To Town…

When Obama visited the UK, who can forget the huge protests in London and across the UK? The crowd funded inflatable President being brought through the streets of London and sign waving right wingers telling him (a man who approves of abortion up to the moment the babies head comes into the world) he isn’t welcome here? That’s right, it didn’t happen. It was also the same when other leaders from around the world have come to visit, from progressive places such as Saudi & Turkey. This weekend saw the heavily publicised and much maligned visit of Donald Trump. The man who liberals and media alike said would never make it into the Oval Office. How they were wrong and almost 18 months later, are still upset by it. Both London's Mayor & Sheffield’s Mayor both said he isn...

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Another threat to the European western values

Sex Change For 16-Year-Olds Approved In Portugal

Portuguese deputies voted last Thursday on the law that allows teenagers that are at least 16 years of age to change their gender and name in the civil registry with only one statement from a clinician.   The "Radical" First Version of This Law Presented by the far-left and with the support of the left-wing political parties, the first version of this law allowed individuals with at least 16 years of age to change their identity in their ID and in the civil registration without any medical prescription. The Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, vetoed this first version of the law, claiming that it is necessary during the changing process of someone’s identity a "previous medical evaluation" in order to consolidate the decision and to allow the individual to the medica...

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Germany: Nationalism Rises Across Europe as The AfD Poll in Second Place!

We're receiving promising news from Germany this week as the most recent polls show that Germany's populist party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), have overtaken the Social Democrats (SPD) and are now polling as the second strongest party in the Confederation. According to the results, which we have detailed below, the Grand Coalition would miss its governing majority with only 46% overall. The above results appear only one week after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and her more conservative Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, finally reached a deal on how to handle asylum seekers arriving in the country. Merkel's shaky coalition government currently comprises of three parties; Merkel's Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), Seehofer's Christian Social Union ...

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EU commissioner Oettinger reveals true face of EU: “The Markets will teach the Italians to vote for the right thing”

"The Markets will teach the Italians to vote for the right thing", yes you read that right, EU commissioner Oettinger had the guts to say this during an exclusive interview for DwNews as reported by the Journalist Bernd Thomas Riegert. The tweet was quickly deleted and then reposted with different wording:"The markets and a "darkened" outlook will teach #Italy's voters not to vote for populist parties in the next elections, told me #EU commissioner #Oettinger in my exclusive interview for @dwnews in Strasbourg. "I can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign." [adsense] Different words, same meaning. The EU and its elites are boasting about the upcoming punishment coming on the Italian people for not voting "the right thing". The EU shows once again its a...

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Silenced by Twitter: A Message from @Politikking

As some of you may know, and for those who don’t, I have recently been permanently suspended from Twitter. As extreme as this may sound, a Twitter banning is not a rare or relatively hard feat to achieve. My crime? I didn’t tow the Multicultural line. The actual reason for my suspension, was I dared to imagine a Britain not plagued with the ills of a multiracial society which currently afflict her. Namely, the phenomenon of Pakistani rape gangs and the near daily murders in our capital city of London which are mostly perpetrated by Black street gangs. Ultimately, I dared to dream of a return to the demographics of the 1950's, where Britain was almost completely White, which in this day and age is considered unspeakable. Like the majority of Brits, until very recently, I genuinely be...

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