Why You Shouldn’t Fall for ‘Macron-Mania’

In this article, I will try to give you an insight on president Macron from a critical French perspective. Above all, we will briefly go through his political communication and some of his public declarations, and we will go down to what Macronism means in practice, in terms of laws and administration. This article also aims to be a friendly warning at a fringe of the populist and anti-immigration right, which may seem seduced by some of his speeches and public positions. First of all, it is important that you keep in mind that Macron is the perfect product of politics in the 21st century: he lives by and for communication and political marketing. During the 2017 presidential campaign he was the last candidate to publish his program, less than two months before the first election round....

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UK Government announces Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day

UK Government Humiliates The English With “Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day”

The British government has moved to designate the 22nd April, the day before England's national day, as 'Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day', in a cynical ploy to remind the English people how horribly racist they are. Stephen Lawrence, a young black man, was murdered in 1993 allegedly by a gang of white youths. In the years since, we've been fed this manipulative narrative that the native English people are inherently racist and that, if this racism isn't kept in check, we'll all go around murdering young black men for no reason. [adsense] There have also been accusations of 'institutional racism' directed at the metropolitan police for their handling of the case. Thus today, we are forced to observe weeks of sycophantic outpouring every year in the weeks surrounding the anniversar...

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globalist macron: nationalism is evil

Macron calls for “European Sovereignty” claims nationalism is ‘selfish’ and ‘deadly’

Macron, who a few days ago declared that Europe and Africa's destinies are 'bound' and that we should be prepared for this and welcome it, implied that nationalism is a deadly and that the EU must do everything to become more integrated. The French president insisted that Brussels must be given power to preserve the EU as a “unique model” which demands “geopolitical, economic” union between nations, as well as obliging them to “respect minorities”. [adsense] Nationalism will lead Europe into the abyss" - populism is surging across the continent, and decentralization is the EU's worst nightmare. "Migration, we need to unblock the poisoned debate on relocation and the Dublin reform. We need to build internal and external solidarity in Europe; I propose we create a Eur...

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The American Hypocrisy On The Human Rights Question

Last week, Syrian civilians were allegedly victims of yet another chemical attack and western media led by American authorities and organizations instantly blamed Syrian Leader Bashar Al-Assad. Establishment journalists and Government officials started crying: "War Crime!", "Human rights are not being respected in Syria, we must do something". Calls for actions and intervention in Syria, but do the USA and its allies really have a say on human rights? Let's find out. [adsense] The outrage caused by this latest attack was instantly exploited by warmongers such as boomer neocons, human rights activists liberals and Zionists. What do all these people have in common? An agenda, their desire to see both Syria and Russia defeated no matter the cost or the possibility of starting a new refu...

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Theresa May Leftist

UK “Conservatives” Spread Leftist Propaganda

It's been clear for some time now that the British Conservative Party is actually anything but. Their enthusiastic dissemination of leftist propaganda only serves to reinforce this fact. [adsense] The so-called gender pay gap is quite easily debunked by anyone with a reasonable grasp of mathematics, yet the Conservative government has taken up the mantle on this issue with such astounding rigour. The gender pay gap is at its lowest level on record – but we want to make it a thing of the past. That’s why we are requiring companies to publish the difference between the average pay of their male and female employees, ensuring large orgs. no longer have anywhere to hide. — Conservatives (@Conservatives) April 4, 2018 Their latest legislative farc...

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Blue and red UK passports and free trade.

Free Trade, Trades Away Your Freedom

This morning, more than 600 workers in Gateshead were left fearing for the future of themselves and their families in the latest sacrificial offering to the free trade god. [readmore direction="" categoryID=""] It emerged that the £490m contract to produce the new British passports, to be issued after Britain leaves the EU, was awarded to the Franco-Dutch Firm Gemalto. Under EU procurement rules, the Home Office has been forced to open the bidding process to European firms and the Government believes the new contract will save the taxpayer £100m-£120m. [adsense] The Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom extolled the virtues of free trade telling the House of Commons, “we compete in a global marketplace, that is the case and will continue to be the case. UK companies compete o...

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Great Britain: Ethnic Heterogeneity & Totalitarianism

Many of you will be aware that last week, Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were jailed for 18 and 36 weeks respectively for the crime of ‘religiously aggravated harassment’. They were accused of an “Islamophobic” abuse campaign spanning a number of months, in which they drew attention to and attempted to confront a group of men who they labelled as Muslim rapists. The mainstream media has, of course, claimed they targeted ‘innocent, law-abiding Muslims’ for no good reason. A clear example of far-right racism, they said. The “innocent, law-abiding” Muslims in question are now serving a combined 49 years in prison after being convicted of gang-raping a drunk 16-year-old English girl in a “grubby room” above their kebab shop. Similarly, in a development...

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A Week In Orwellian Britain

This last week Great Britain has confirmed its unwelcome accolade as the first state to openly manifest the frightening totalitarian, Orwellian ideals that the great novelist tried to warn us about. A songwriter is facing imprisonment for 'causing offence', patriots exposing Muslim rapists have been jailed, Identitarian activists detained at the border, and journalists Tommy Robinson and Lucy Brown brutally attacked by left-wing extremists. In addition, Scottish comedian Markus Meecham is facing prison time in an ongoing trial for teaching his pet pug to perform a right-armed salute. Singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz has been in court again this week, for the umpteenth 'hearing', for singing songs that 'caused offence'. The case against her was initially brought as a private prosecution ...

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Rot Within Us: Our Refusal to Confront Our Social Problems is Destroying Us

Allow me to start with a short story... The other day, I visited my dentist. The filling I had in one of my teeth had split in half and part of it had fallen out, for the second time in about 18 months. When I sat on the chair of doom and my dentist examined the offending tooth, he said to me that he could attempt to fill it again, but he would merely be patching over a "ticking time bomb". As a result the tooth was subsequently removed to prevent further pain and rot.   [readmore direction="" categoryID=""]   Your teeth are one of the part of your body that you genuinely fear to lose. Not only does losing them prevent you from being able to eat properly, you no longer have that pearly white smile, to brighten up someone else's day. However the teeth are one of the...

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Dutch Government To Ban Referenda… Because They ‘Confuse Voters’

A majority in the House of Representatives are supportive of a legislative change proposed by the government that will ban referenda in the Netherlands. The law will be put to a vote on Thursday, and it's expected to pass by a comfortable majority. The government is presently comprised of a centre-right coalition - if ever one needed reminding that even conservatives are fully in bed with the globalist agenda - of which belongs minister Kasja Ollongren, who claimed that their reasoning behind this flagrant violation of democracy is that 'referendums confuse voters'. The current law is a good model for direct democracy, and it states that the government must hold a referendum on an issue should it receive 300,000 or more requests to do so. Despite this high benchmark, the law has ena...

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