A Big Thank You To The Huffington Post!

An open letter to the enemy press, with particular thanks to the Huffington Post.

Here at Defend Europa News, not only do we report on the issues facing Europe today, but we also admire and respect the good journalistic work of others, particularly our friends in the enemy press who cannot seem to stop helping us!

Today we must say a big thank you to the Huffington Post; once again they are holding up a beacon, showing us the way towards progressive, reputable journalism and setting a precedent on the most important issues of our day.

Yesterday the bastion of liberal causes published an article entitled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?“, in which the author Shelley Garland (more on her later) explains that, contrary to usual media lies, race does in fact matter! Throughout this over-enthusiastic tirade against ‘the patriarchy’, Ms. Garland explains that it is the voting patterns of white men that disadvantage everybody else, whilst also noting that white men in general have a monopoly on money and power in… native white nations (Duh!).

Well, we can only thank this bright young lady for having the audacity to bring such a topic into mainstream debate! Of course, had we been the first to discuss racial issues such as these – let alone made sweeping race-based categorisations – we would be dismissed as a racist, uneducated rag of “fake news”, but now we are merely following in awe in the footsteps of the esteemed Huffington Post writers!

However, we would never be so overtly sexist as the backward Huffington Post. No, we would deny both non-white males and non-white females the vote equally!

It truly is awful of Ms. Garland to single out men and, being the conscientious people that we are, we urge her to make a full, public apology.

Yes, equal opportunities should be the order of the day. As we wish to kindly point out to the Huffington Post, we want to deny public healthcare to black men and black women equally! I mean, discriminating based on gender is like, so 2016, right?

But then again, we have come to expect such prejudiced drivel from these writers such as Ms. Garland who call themselves feminists.

Ah, but don’t be fooled! This young lady does not spend her time simply “working on ways to smash the patriarchy”, as is claimed on her ‘about me’ page, she’s also studying a Masters degree in Philosophy, proving that she has adequate mental capacity for screaming “get your hate speech of this campus” at the top of her slightly cramped lungs.

Shelley Garland

Shelley Garland – Huffington Post, South Africa.

Having said that, we do have people like Shelley to thank for bringing the issue of race into the public domain.

Now we can no longer be derided for pointing out that black males make up only 6.5% of the population of America, yet commit 50% of all homicides! (Hey, perhaps it’s time the Americans introduced gun control for black males only?)

It is no longer the domain of trashy, uneducated publications to discuss racial issue, for the esteemed Huffington Post (essential reading for all students of pointless degrees) have shown us that one can be a reputable journalist and a racialist!

You see, dear Huffington Post colleagues, you are our teachers and we simply want to learn from you! After all, you have been able to conduct the greatest establishment propaganda campaign known to man – we just want to humbly take up the standard-bearing issues you raise, and hope that we can follow in your footsteps and continue to highlight non-white crimes in our beautiful WHITE countries.

Kind Regards,

Many amused nationalists.

William is a journalist based in the United Kingdom.