Britons Reject Diversity, New Research Finds

Two new surveys investigating attitudes towards mass migration (and the resulting ‘diversity’) have found that Britons firmly oppose the multicultural agenda.

According to the 2017 Aurora Humanitarian Index, who surveyed 6,500 people in 12 countries, 56% of Britons view ethnic minorities as a threat to British culture. Interestingly, only 34% believe that migrants take more from the economy than they contribute, showing that the narrative has moved away from economics in a sense and onto the cultural impact migration has.

This also dispels the myth that those who complain about immigration are just blaming migrants for their own hard times, and demonstrates that there is a genuine intellectual debate about the impact of minorities, based on the evidence available to people.

However, 74% of people believe that ethnic minorities and immigrants have a neutral or negative affect on the labour market, which highlights the issue of wage compression and job shortages that occur when the labour market is flooded with low-skilled workers from abroad.

The research also showed that only 15% of people believe British Prime Minister Theresa May is best placed to solve the refugee crisis, whilst two thirds of respondents in Britain said that terrorism was the most important international humanitarian issue, as opposed to importing fake refugees from non-war-zones.

In a totally separate Europe-wide study conducted by the Pew Research Centre (before the Manchester bombing), it was found that many Britons and other Europeans are particularly concerned about Islamic extremism. When asked how concerned they were with Islamic extremism in their countries, an average of 79% of Europeans responded that they were “somewhat” or “very” concerned. This is a reflection of British attitudes toward this issue.

These latest figures are a damning indictment of globalist “diversity” policies, completely destroying the narrative that immigration is such a positive thing. Perhaps governments will finally take note of this serious level of discontent, or, as is more likely, they will continue on this self-destructive path of ethnic and cultural suicide.

William is a writer based in England, Great Britain.