South America: Race & Prosperity

Shanty town in South America.

South America provides a fascinating case study on the issues of race and its correlation to prosperity, along with other measures of societal success. Often in Europe, we are quick to blame failures in our society on “inequality” or exploitation, when in actual fact we should be looking at countries like those of the American continent to see why much of the downturn in fortunes is as a result of the “multi-racial experiment” currently being conducted by the powers that be.

It is now beyond doubt that there is a strong correlation between race and IQ, and then subsequently IQ and potential earning power. For example, we know from multiple studies conducted toward the end of the 20th century and the early 21st century that East Asia – Japan 105, South Korea 106, Hong Kong 108 – demonstrates the highest performance in IQ testing. It is therefore no mystery as to why these countries are the most financially prosperous on earth, not to mention the most technologically advanced.

It is also no mystery that sub-Saharan Africans, with their average IQs of between 65-70 (clinically retarded), are also the least prosperous and least technologically advanced people on the planet. Considering Africa is the most mineral-rich continent on earth, we are left wanting when looking for another explanation for the regions poverty aside from the poor cognitive development of its people.

South America provides us with various examples and contrasts demonstrating the differences in IQ and prosperity between nations as one or some become “more diverse” – less European – than others.

Uruguay, for example, is 88% ethnic European (white) according to the latest data available. It will come as no surprise to those who have read up on the correlations between IQ and race that Uruguay also has the highest average IQ score of all South American nations (96). In contrast, a country like EL Salvador, in which only 12% of its people “identify as white (European origin)”, the average IQ is a mere 80, whilst average earnings are amongst some of the lowest of the continent ($3,960 per year).

Venezuela is another good example to look at. The homicide rate of Venezuela is a massive 53.7 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, whilst average income is a minuscule $804 per year. This is again unsurprising when we look at the demographics of the country; white Europeans are a minority in Venezuela, with just 43.6% of the people there “identifying as white”, whilst the average IQ is 84, a whole 12 points lower than majority-white Uruguay.

Argentinians enjoy some of the highest wages in South America, with the average annual income per capita currently standing at $13,000 – low by European standards perhaps, but still significantly higher than many other South American nations. Again, we find that this correlates directly with IQ and demographics. Argentina is 86% ethnic European, with an average IQ of 93.

Life expectancy is another good barometer of prosperity, and again we find there is a significant correlation between diversity and lower life expectancy within South America. In the most European of South American nations, Uruguay, the average life expectancy is 77 years. In contrast, the average life expectancy amongst 4 of the least European nations on the continent – Brazil, El Salvador, Venezuela and Paraguay – 73.2 years, significantly lower.

The evidence is clear; the more “diverse” (non-European) a society becomes, the less intelligent, less prosperous and less healthy it inevitably will be. European politicians could learn a lesson or two from the evidence presented from South America, as opposed to acting out suicidal policies based on the evidence of Marxist-influenced social scientists.

Many people argue that the mass importation of alien races, coupled with widespread miscegenation, is the solution to the age-old predicament that is “racism”, but the same programmes are essentially a self-destruct button for any prosperous nation.

In any case, “racism” only occurs when those of an alien race and culture are thrust into a society that was previously homogeneous.

Besides, is the rapid decline of intellectual standards, and therefore the decline of innovation and prosperity, a price worth paying just to satisfy the deranged ramblings of social justice warriors and their cries of “racism”? One would expect that most right-minded Europeans would answer in the negative to that question.

I invite you to research further the data that I have provided here today. It is vital that as many people as possible are aware of the dangers of the erosion of our European racial groups, along with the decline in the standards of all that Europeans are renowned for across the world; science, philosophy, architecture – all of our achievements in these fields are down to the intelligent innovations of native European men and women.

Do not let our politicians continue down the path to societal ruin, just for the sake of a perverse, unnatural social experiment.


William is a writer based in England, Great Britain.