Controlled Opposition In Action: “UK Against Hate”

This Sunday, a march will take place in Manchester, England, to oppose extremist Islam. The march, named “UK Against Hate” is being organised by The Rebel Media in association with a group calling themselves “Gays Against Sharia”, and has been coordinated largely in response to the terrorist attacks that hit Manchester a few weeks ago.

The group, led by Tommy Robinson, will no doubt march under the Union Jack and flag of England, shouting the predictable slogans of “Jihadist scum off our streets”, or something as predictable along those lines. They will of course attract the usual football hooligan types, alongside a few edgy twitter users who feel they are expressing the height of patriotism and ‘taking a stand’ against the Islamification of their country.

Sadly, this is just another manifestation of controlled opposition, designed to pacify the anger of a few suitably enraged individuals, whilst giving the rest the impression that patriotism is still permitted in our increasingly restricted political climate.

First of all, let’s be clear; there is nothing nationalistic or even English about this little mother’s meeting. These people are not nationalists or patriots – many of the attendees may well be, but those running the show and who incidentally will get the media attention, are not.

We only have to look at the line-up to establish this. For instance, the two most visible and vocal organisers of this event are Tommy Robinson – who is an Irish Jew – and the homosexual, Milo-wannabe, Caolan Robertson. Then there is David Ramos, a black man described as a minister, presumably of the church. Looking from left to right across their advertisement poster, you then have Mohan Singh of the ‘Sikh Awareness Society’, the Irish woman Anne Marie Walters, the Pakistani Mohammed Fiaz who you may have seen flying the Pakistani flag at Pegida marches, and finally, ‘Tommy English’, a homosexual twitter troll and organiser of “Gays Against Sharia”.

As you can see, this isn’t even a British event, let alone a British nationalist event.

Having said that, these people would probably not wish to be seen as nationalists. They have made their careers by counter-signalling genuine nationalist movements, subverting them and eventually replacing them with this new kosher stance. Aided by the media, people such as these are held up for as a sort of release valve for the understandable anger built up within the native population.

UKIP acted in much the same way. Around 2009, when the British National Party were seriously gaining in momentum and threatening a major electoral breakthrough, the establishment political class were extremely concerned. As if by magic, their prayers were answered when along came Nigel Farage to lead the UK Independence Party and mop up the nationalist vote with his free market, relatively liberal patriotism. The debate was then shifted away from real nationalism and instead to that of Euroscepticism.

This latest crop of pseudo-nationalists are being promoted by – and most likely funded by – The Rebel Media, with their very own Caolan Robertson leading the charge. The Rebel is of course owned by Ezra Levant, a Jewish Canadian and great-grandson of a Russian immigrant. The Rebel’s recent focus on former EDL leader Robinson’s activity strangely coincides with the immediate aftermath of the latter’s trip to Israel.

Needless to say, the organiser’s of Sunday’s march are staunch Zionists.

The British people, particularly the working classes, are being taken for a ride. These people are not patriots – they’re not even British. They will remain silent about the ongoing population replacement agenda being played out in our homelands. They will remain silent about British soldiers being sent to die in needless wars in the Middle-East. And of course, they will remain silent about the continued denigration of heterosexual white males.

These people can be best described as the Antifa of the right – they certainly virtue signal enough to merit such a description. But, not only are they subversive to British nationalism, they are also potentially dangerous. They seek to sew societal tensions between various groups and provoke the Islamic community into a reaction. This will lead to violence and bloodshed on the streets of England, which most sensible people will agree is not a good thing.

Rather than enabling us to come to an understanding with the Islamic world, whereby we leave their lands and they leave ours, instead these groups are deliberately provoking conflict that will make any such future understanding impossible. Of course, we all agree that Islam is a problem and a danger to our people, but this ridiculous signalling by Zionists, foreigners and homosexuals is not the way to solve it.

So, if you’re an Englishman considering attending this faux protest, save yourself the time. These people are doing a great deal of harm to real nationalism and quite frankly do not merit the attention a high attendance will offer.


William is a writer based in England, Great Britain.