Grooming gangs targeted young white girls.

Pakistani Grooming Gangs: The True Face of Diversity

As more details emerge of yet another Pakistani grooming gang brought to justice, this time in Newcastle, the sensitive issues that surround such cases are well and truly back in the spotlight. That is to say that people are once more debating the role that race and religion played in this recent case and in those that came before, with many now waking up to the fact that these crimes were not just depraved in the extreme, but quite clearly racially motivated. Of the 18 'people' convicted in the recent Newcastle case, 17 are men who's ethnic background is of the Indian sub-continent or the middle-east. In light of this, and the fact that the victims are all white English girls, there have been calls from senior MP's for the sentences received by these perpetrators to reflect the raci...

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A 13-year-old girl was taken from her children's home by Asian men, before being drugged and subjected to a brutal gang-rape 'under the Kurdish flag'

Girl, 13, ‘Drugged & Gang-raped Under Kurdish Flag’

A 13-year-old girl was taken from her children's home by Asian men, before being drugged and subjected to a brutal gang-rape 'under the Kurdish flag' As reporting restrictions were lifted in the Newcastle Grooming Gang trial, the harrowing details of the abuse against young white girls by men from the Indian sub-continent is slowly seeping into the public domain. One particularly horrifying incident that the court heard was the story of a young girl of 13, who was taken from her children's home then drugged and raped by foreign men in a 'relay race' under the Kurdish flag. Editor's Note: "Asian" in this instance refers to those who's ethnic background is of the Indian sub-continent or the Middle-East. [adsense] A court heard how up to 108 young girls were systematically abused by Asi...

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UK: Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in “Every Large Town and City”

Figures were released today by the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) which showed that Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT) is far more prevalent in the UK than previously anticipated. An increase in law activity in this area has revealed a growing body of evidence which shows that the number of MSHT victims is much higher than estimates originally suggested. The NCA suggests that there are cases of MSHT in "every large town and city in the country" and, at present, they are currently assisting with over 300 live policing operations within the UK. The operations include cases of victims being trafficked, held in forced labour, forced into prostitution or criminally exploited. There are also cases of victims (sometimes as young as 12-years-old) being sold to families in the UK. ...

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96-Year-Old Auschwitz Clerk Deemed Fit For Prison

96-Year-Old Ex-Auschwitz Clerk Deemed Fit For Prison

German prosecutors have determined 96-year-old former Auschwitz pen pusher Oskar Groening fit to go to prison, despite his obvious frailty and old age. Groening was convicted in July 2015 of being an 'accessory to murder' for his role at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the second world war. Despite his role at the camp being that of a lowly clerk (SS rank Unterscharführer), he was deemed partially culpable for the deaths of 300,000 Jews. As has been the case with so many former 'Nazis', Oskar's repentance has not saved him. Despite being an activist against holocaust denial since 1985, German prosecutors have still decided to make an example of him. [adsense] When his trial opened in April 2015, Groening said he 'accepted moral guilt' for the crimes committed. He wa...

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Diversity Officer Under Investigation After Anti-White Racist Rant

‘Diversity Officer’ Under Investigation After Anti-White Racist Rant

Jason Osamede Okundaye, Ethnic Minorities Officer for Pembroke College at the University of Cambridge, is being investigated after cheering on violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters in an extraordinary anti-white online rant. “ALL whites people are racist,” tweeted the anti-white Cambridge Ethnic Minorities Officer, as rioters protesting the death of alleged drug dealer Rashan Jermaine Charles attacked police and members of the public in Dalston, East London. From Breitbart London: “White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit [get it],” he declared. Head of @Cambridge_Uni equality group @jasonosamede clearly has a limited understanding of equality. Not related to #DianeAbbott is he?

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Terrorist Group Black Lives Matter Firebomb London

The UK division of the US domestic terror-group Black Lives Matter (BLM) caused chaos last night in Dalston, as mounted police and K-9 units came under attack from Molotov Cocktails, fireworks and stones. Using the death of Rashan Charles - the drug dealer described as a 'great father' by locals - as justification for civil unrest, BLM activists have spent the last week urging the local ethnic minority community to 'protest' against what they describe as 'police brutality'. [adsense] The trouble began at around 4pm on Friday, when some 80 protestors laid seige to the shop where Rashan Charles died whilst resisting arrest. Shop owners were forced to close early, as the rioters began smashing windows, spraying graffiti on store fronts and looting local businesses - echoing previo...

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Brexiteers' immigration

Here’s Why Brexiteers Are Wrong About EU Immigration

It is no great secret that the driving force behind the British peoples' vote to leave the European Union last June was concern about immigration. The campaign fought by Leave.EU, Grassroots Out and UKIP amongst others, was so successful because it kept the focus of the debate on the issue of immigration, and particularly the Conservative government's failure to reduce net migration figures. However, it must be said that to blame the current government's failure to tackle immigration over the last 7 years on EU membership is to unjustly excuse that government. By doing so, we risk falling into the same trap that the Eurosceptic movement has for the last 3 decades, by blaming all of the government's failings on centralised European Union policy. The fact of the matter is that the Brit...

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Amsterdam Releases Gender-Neutral Instructions

Amsterdam Releases Gender-Neutral Instructions

The council of Amsterdam today has released a guide that advises their employees to use alternatives for greetings used in letters and e-mails sent to citizens of Amsterdam. Apparently "Dear Sir" or "Dear Madam" isn't politically correct, hence their 'friendly advise' to change it up to make everyone feel welcome. A spokesperson for the council said: "We want to make sure that Amsterdam becomes a city where even more people feel at home. More than they do already". He went on to say that "this guide consists of tips and other advise for our council members to make sure that they talk and write about sexual- and gender identity in a respectful manner". As a city and an employer we don't want to exclude anyone. [adsense] The council employees are not obligated to use the "rainbow ad...

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German Banks Pocket From Greek Tragedy

German Banks Pocket €1.34bn From Greek Tragedy

The Greek fiscal crisis of recent years has been well documented, but what is perhaps not equally well documented is the sickening profit central banks across Europe are making on the back of the Mediterranean nation's misery. In particular, German financiers are raking in huge profits due to them being Athens' largest creditor. The German State Development Bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)) alone has made a massive €393m in interest payments since 2010, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. [adsense] Other German banks, as well as many other central banks across Europe, are also benefiting from Greece's credit crisis. The European Central Bank's bond purchasing programme launched in 2012 to help countries like Greece is proving lucrative. The interest payments r...

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Liberal Newspaper The Guardian Tells Europeans To Stop Procreating

Liberal Newspaper Tells Europeans To Stop Procreating

Just when one thought that the media could do nothing more to fill us with disgust, we are proven wrong yet again with The Guardian's feature piece on climate change this morning. The British newspaper is famed for its echo-chamber-type reader base, which was just 150,000-strong at the last count (0.2% of the British public), who lap up fake news stories about Trump's collusion with Russia, or some nonsensical ramblings about "race being a social construct". Being the liberal newspaper that it is, the Guardian also positions itself at the forefront of Climate Change hysteria, regularly banging the drum of the establishment on this issue despite claims of being 'a paper that challenges power' - they seem to agree with pretty much every rich politician and banker on this issue. [adse...

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