Depression: A Complete Guide to Beating the Blues

To survive in the modern world, the importance of one’s mental wellbeing has at least achieved parity with that of one’s physical health. Unfortunately, however, the human mind is severely maladapted to said modern world. The 24/7 media, aggressive advertising, ever-poorer job security, rising living costs, debt, identity deprivation, societal atomisation – the list of pressures on our mental stability are endless, making it a miracle that so many of us manage to hold it together, at least on the surface. But for many others, these factors can be a lethal cocktail that fuels severe neurotic disorders, most commonly depression and anxiety. The question that mental health professionals often pose is why do so many of us in the modern world suffer from such ailments? This is the wron...

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Tories betray the people on Brexit, AGAIN

Brexit: Traitor Tories Betray The People… Again!

Theresa May's Brexit strategy was severely hamstrung last night, after 11 rebel MPs from her own party defied the government whip and voted in favour of an amendment to proceedings instigated by our very noisy fifth column. The law, which permits the remain-majority parliament the right to essentially strike down any deal tabled at the end of proceedings, was introduced by a "progressive alliance" of Labour (Communist), Liberal Democrat, Scottish National and Green Party opposition MPs. Its essential mechanism? Offering parliament a chance to veto Brexit at the 11th hour. [adsense] It was introduced in response to calls for a 'meaningful vote' in parliament on the final deal. Hostile remain MPs claim that this amendment will ensure the sovereignty of parliament, just as the Bre...

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Israel Conducts Unprovoked Missile Strike on Syrian Capital Damascus

Any hope of stability in the Middle-East was put in serious jeopardy last night, as Israel's military conducted an entirely unprovoked bombing raid near the Syrian capital of Damascus. The reasons for the attack are, at this point, unclear, but the notoriously deceitful western media outlets are claiming the target was a proposed Iranian military base. [adsense] However, this appears to be another attempt by the Israeli government to ferment greater instability in the region, given that their favoured proxy for this endeavour (ISIS) has recently been declared all-but-destroyed in Syria. Russia's President Putin recently congratulated President Bashar Al-Assad for his efforts in beating back the scourge of foreign ISIS fighters that had plagued his country in recent years. It...

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foreign aid - world

Europeans Owe the World Nothing

It has long been a talking point of the left wing in general and of various minority groups within the West that they are somehow entitled to living in the West. Because Europeans colonized so much of the world, the world has a right to come to the West. Never mind the fact that Western countries send billions upon billions of dollars and euros to 3rd world countries every year. Never mind the fact that there was never any foreign power in all of Europe's history that gave any of its countries any 'foreign aid', there was only ever trade and war. European countries had to find it within themselves to become prosperous and powerful enough to explore the world. There was never any 'aid' provided. [adsense] The very idea of foreign aid was developed in the 19th century by rich Europ...

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Sweden Teaches Toddlers About Transsexualism

Liberal lunacy is rife in today's epoch, and Sweden has brought upon itself the unfortunate tag of being the hub of this collective societal psychosis. The latest in a long line of ridiculous initiatives, from Sweden of course, is the new push to teach toddlers about transsexualism. [adsense] It need not be said that this transcends the spheres of education and politics, with this latest book, "The Horse Who Wanted to be a Dog", emitting the foul odour of liberal political indoctrination. The book, developed by Susanne Pelger, an Associate Professor at the University of Lind and a PhD in Genetics, attempts to teach toddlers than being transsexual is akin to a role-play game, in which we can all indulge our childish fantasies and fetishes. According to Pelger, "gender is not...

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The Noble Savage

Modern Manifestation of ‘The Noble Savage’

When describing the thought of the modern liberal, a plurality or pejoratives come to mind; from delusional to dystopian, rankly hypocritical to downright ridiculous – one may even go so far as to say, and not without foundation; pathological. Thankfully there is one way in which we would never describe the liberal mind, and that of course is “original”. Originality is severely lacking amongst the liberal classes and much of the left, who rely on 20th century student protest ideology or simply reproduce carbon copies of those arguments developed in the Frankfurt School in the early 1900's, as opposed to actually entertaining the oh so arduous process of thinking for themselves. [adsense] Thus they are destined to continuously reproduce the ideas and dogmas that have long since ...

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Defeated: Far-Left Hope Not Hate Barraged by Farage

Following a courtroom battle, Nigel Farage has walked away victorious from a tussle with communist leaders at the Hope not Hate organisations, who had sought to bankrupt him with nonsensical legal action. The Far-left extremist group had demanded £100k in damages from Brexiteer hero Nigel Farage, after comments made by Mr Farage regarding the group’s history of organising violent protests. [adsense] The presiding judge outright refused to grant the group an undertaking and in a further blow ordered the group to settle Mr Farage’s considerable legal expenses. Following the case, the deceitful Hope Not Hate claimed victory on social media, but Mr Farage quickly countered and explained that he had paid no damages to the group and had so far made no apology for his remarks. ...

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Priti Patel Israel Israeli

UK Minister in Secret Israeli Meeting Scandal

Cabinet Minister Priti Patel is set to be sacked by the Prime Minister after details emerged of undisclosed meetings Ms Patel held with senior Israeli officials. The International Development Secretary was ordered to cut short an official visit to Uganda today and return to Downing St for talks with Theresa May. The controversy began when it emerged that Patel had met with Israeli government officials in August whilst on an unofficial visit to the country. It’s believed that she met with senior Israeli government officials as many as a dozen times to discuss the spending of UK taxpayers’ money on Zionist projects without permission from the Foreign Office. [adsense] Some sources have also expressed concern that Patel discussed reducing her department's financial aid for the Pa...

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Honour violence is prevalent in modern Britain

Britain’s “Honour Crime” Disgrace

The UK authorities have been accused of a severe and systematic failure to protect victims of “honour crimes”, as the latest figures suggest just 5% of reported cases are actually referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. During the period 2016-17, 256 honour crimes were referred to the CPS resulting in 122 convictions. Yet in the same period over 5,000 honour crimes were reported to the police. [adsense] “Honour killing” and other assorted forms of physical abuse based on the same premise were totally unheard of in Britain prior to the advent of mass-immigration and multiculturalism. Unfortunately, they are highly prevalent in what can only be described as the uncivilised cultures that the aforesaid liberal doctrines have brought to our countries. In the Muslim world,...

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Sutherland Springs massacre: another anti-christian attack?

Devin Kelley is the name of the man who massacred 26 people in a Texan Baptist Christian Church in Sutherland Springs, a small town with around 1000 inhabitants. Every time there is a shooting like this every single person will always ask themselves: Why? Devin Kelley is a 26 years old man with a past in the American Airforce, from 2010 to 2014. Kelley was dishonorably discharged for misconduct, he was found guilty of beating his wife and son. As President Donald Trump said: “Very deranged” The official story says that Kelley reached the Church, shot 2 people outside it and then entered the building and killed the people inside. The shooter was wearing all black clothing and a bulletproof vest, he did not say a thing but just started shooting and killing without mercy. Alleged...

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