Great Replacement Sweden

The Great Replacement, Part 6: Sweden

This article is part 6 of a series that is looking at The Great Replacement in Europe. It is advised that you read part 1 (France), part 2 (Great Britain), part 3 (Germany), part 4 (Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands) and part 5 (Norway) first.   When we consider The Great Replacement in Europe, Sweden is often the country we think of first. According to many, Sweden is already lost. Her tolerant approach towards immigration, topped up with her generous welfare state, has been too much for the small country to take and irreversible population replacement is already well underway. It is true that in comparison to the other countries we've looked at in this series, the demographics of Sweden have reached far more drastic levels. If trends continue as they are, native Swedes...

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Refugees, or illegal immigrants?

UN: “Britain Must Take More Refugees!”

In perhaps the least surprising news of the last few weeks, the United Nations has declared that the United Kingdom must take at least double the number of refugees it has currently pledged to. Volker Turk, the assistant commissioner at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, used talks with ministers in London as a platform to berate the British on their relatively low "refugee" intake thus far. Seemingly not content with the native English people being a minority in no less than 4 of their major cities - including the capital London - those at the top are intent with accelerating The Great Replacement. [adsense] The British government has pledged to welcoming 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. So far, 5,453 Syrians have been granted humanitarian protection, along with a...

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Immigration has fuelled Scotland's population rise

Scotland’s Population Soars Thanks To Immigration

Scotland's population increased to a record high of 5.4 million last year, with the rise in its entirety attributable to immigration. 86,705 immigrants settled in Scotland last year, with net immigration rising by 14% on the previous year. Incidentally, last year also saw the highest level of net migration in over a decade. [adsense] This ensured that despite a fall in the number of live births, Scotland's population growth accelerated and the replacement of native Scots continues unabated. 40,400 of the migrants to Scotland came from outside the UK, with the current SNP government looking to make the country an attractive place for both Eastern European and non-European immigrants to settle in. One "Conservative" MSP, the member for Perth and Kinross Liz Smith, welcomed the...

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1 In 5 “Germans” Has Immigrant Background

Shocking new data suggests that as many as 1 in 5 (22.5%) of people resident in Germany are either immigrants themselves or come from an immigrant background. In a report issued this week by the the German Federal Statistics Office (Destatis), the number of people living in Germany of an immigrant background was reported as being 18.6 million as of 2016, an increase of 8.5% from 2015. Destatis attributed the large increase since 2005 - when these figures were first recorded - on the massive immigration figures the country has witnessed in recent years. Patricularly shocking was the revelation that 2.14 million immigrants settled in Germany between 2014 and 2015, with a large proportion of these the so-called 'refugees' that the Merkel regime made welcome. [adsense] This fact ca...

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Taxpayers Forced to Fund Anti-White Film For Scottish Art Gallery Exhibition

Flemish painter Sir Anthony van Dyck's final self-portrait usually resides at The National Portrait Gallery in London. Painted circa 1640, the painting is one of only three self-portraits that the artist is known to have painted in Britain and is of huge international importance. Last month, the painting started on what will be a three-year tour. The painting will travel across Britain to places such as Margate, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London, giving art enthusiasts a chance to see the painting first hand. Between 24th June and 1st October this year, the painting will reside at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. The exhibition, which is titled 'Looking Good: The Male Gaze From Van Dyck to Lucian Freud', contemplates the theme of "male ...

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The Great Replacement, Part 5: Ethnic Norwegians To Become A Minority ‘Within Decades’

New research suggests that native Norwegians will become a minority in their own country 'within a few decades'. In many parts of their capital, Oslo, they are already outnumbered by migrants and "second generation Norwegians". As in many other European countries, the bulk of the damage was done in the last decade or so. Between 2004 and 2013, 300,000 immigrants settled in Norway, with over 40% of these coming from Africa or Asia. Over the same period, the population of Norway increased by 11%, or 500,000, demonstrating that it's not just immigration that's fuelling the demographic crisis, but also the high fertility rates of immigrant groups. Of course, one could be forgiven for mistaking such an increase for a Norwegian baby-boom. However, Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralby...

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German State Television Depicts Aryan Male As Zoo Animal

German state television has recently produced a short sketch in which a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan German of peak physical fitness is depicted as a wild animal. The sketch, called Das Arier Reservat (The Aryan Reservation), shows the man get captured by a short, fat man of dark complexion and his mixed race assistant, who place a collar around his neck. In the clip, the Aryan Reservation is mockingly referred to as "The Heinrich Himmler Reservation", in reference to the Reichfuhrer-SS who was known for his views on racial purity. The implication here is obvious; recognising the natural beauty of Northern Europeans means that you cannot be anything other than a genocidal 'Nazi'. To further compound the association between Europeans and evil, the sketch ends with the Ar...

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Savile Town Mosque

Savile Town – A Piece of Asia in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is sometimes considered to be the archetype of rural England. Friendly people, football, and traditional English food. Ranging from the banks of the River Humber to large hills to unspoiled moorland, Yorkshire has truly earned its nickname, "God's Own County". Yet, a grim situation for the native Yorkshiremen and women hides behind this façade. This blight on the county is Savile Town. Savile Town is an area of Dewsbury, just south of Leeds. Although, like most cities in the UK, Leeds has a significant minority population, Savile Town really takes the biscuit. At the last census in 2011, Savile Town had a population of 4033. 3985 of these are from a non-British background. You read that correctly - a British town where the White British population is just above 1%. Before I g...

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No 'White Privilege' For English Children

No ‘White Privilege’ For English Children

The issues surrounding race and integration have been somewhat taboo in the United Kingdom ever since Enoch Powell’s famous Rivers of Blood speech in 1968. In said speech, he prophesized that “in 20 years in this country, the black man will have the whip hand over the white man” – what he was referring to was the race relations legislation that was being discussed by parliament at the time. He (correctly) predicted that legislation that protected certain immigrant groups based on their racial background was the beginning of a slippery slope that would lead to native English people becoming second class citizens in their own land. Nearly five decades on from Powell’s prophetic speech, people of this country are gradually coming to see the evidence with their own eyes that he w...

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The Great Replacement and Why It Should Worry You

Like many Europeans, I can trace my family line to within my own nation. Aside from a small amount of French and Germanic descent, all of my ancestors are ethnically British. I can trace where they came from too. One line comes from beautiful Rutland, and another from the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. Thankfully these places haven't been blighted by mass immigration just yet, with a white population of 98% and 99% respectively. Hell, the only foreigners you'll see in Bourton-on-the-Water are Chinese tourists, and they bring in masses of money to the area without irreversibly changing the culture. They aren't causing the great replacement. But what if these beautiful areas were to change drastically? [adsense] Now, the odds of this happening in Rutland are low, for now. With a fe...

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