Britain's Monarchy is no longer fit for purpose

Britain’s Monarchy Disgraced!

Even for staunch conservatives, the validity of monarchy as an institution in modern Europe has been in sharp decline for some years. Devoid of power, lacking in influence and burning through public money, the Royal Families of Europe have essentially become dead wood, with their most praised virtue being that of attracting tourism and offering an excuse for a party on certain days of monarchic celebration. In terms of their actual pragmatic usefulness, Royals reserve their presence for signing laws and waving to crowds, both of which are formalities controlled by the politicians of the day. [adsense] Great Britain has often been seen as an exception to this general rule, with the longevity of Queen Elizabeth II providing a focal point for the nation. She is perhaps the last monarch ...

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Ian Duncan Smith seeks to cut net migration to pre-Blair levels.

Brexit Campaigners Draft New Plan To Slash Net Migration

With all the recent backsliding on Brexit, it can be hard to believe that we voted to leave the European Union less than 18 months ago, at the time of writing. It seems that the only thing happening is a determined bloc of career politicians doing their best to slow down Brexit, to block commitment to leaving the EU (behind paywall). However, we should consider that the mainstream media wants to demoralize us - no matter what side of the debate they fall on, discontent drives readership. In reality, we're making progress! The prominent pro-Brexit campaign group, Leave Means Leave, has put forward plans to ministers, declaring that net migration should be slashed down to the mid-90s levels of 50,000-80,000 per year, the levels enjoyed before the pro-replacement neoliberal Blair governme...

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‘Tis the Season to Have Diversity Forced Down Our Throats

With Christmas around the corner, the UK's leading retail chains are waging an all-out propaganda war on the white, Christian Britain of old. Several of the UK's major retail and grocery chains released their Christmas adverts this week. Whilst I'm not an avid television viewer, during the near decade I've lived on these shores I don't ever remember this time of the year being quite such an onslaught on traditional British and European values. Tesco, Britain's largest supermarket with a 27.9% market share, was one of the first corporations to release their “Christmas” ad. The ad features Muslims, Sikhs (as if these groups observe Christmas whatsoever) and what is seemingly a gay couple, but no obvious Christians or Christian elements. The hashtag accompanying the ad is the amazin...

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The British Police Are Now Inventing Crimes

Today an image circulated on Social Media purportedly showing a police officer giving a speech about hate crimes, or "hostility" as he termed it, even going so far as to include the idea they don't need to "prove hatred". Yes, after nearly a millennia of proof being required the British Police have decided they no longer need proof to accuse someone of being a criminal. It's almost laughable, except these people are a large, armed gang of political-correctness-loving thugs and they have the right to kick in your door, arrest you, and generally make your life hell. This is a totalitarian attempt to move away from the real definition of so called hate crimes in the UK, and a deliberate attempt to fraudulently invent crimes and inflate their crime statistics. The most widely applied def...

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Orbán Criticises Soros Immigration Plan and Tells EU: ‘You’re Eating Out of His Hand!’

Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s '180 Minutes' programme on Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, criticised the European Union for abusing its power with EU member states and for "eating out of the hand" of globalist billionaire, George Soros. Orbán discussed the EU's escalation of legal action against Hungary over the country's wish to regulate foreign funding of NGOs (many of which are funded by Soros) in a bid to ensure transparency of civil society organisations. Orbán said: "The question is how much longer Brussels can stand being – how shall I put it – the laughing stock of Europe." Speaking of the EU's legal action against Hungary, he added: "The whole of the European Union is in trouble because its leaders and bureaucrats adopt decisions like this. The ...

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Identity Politics

The Never Ending Rise of Anti-White Politics in the UK

Identity Politics in the UK The UK prides itself on being moderate and liberal, our right wing conservatives are to the left of the USA's democrats, and our Labour party is embracing Marxism and flying the Hammer and Sickle flag at their annual conference while extolling the virtues of the failed state of Venezuela. Most of us long considered ourselves to be moderate, mostly liberal voters but lately it seems we're at a loss. Choosing between a conservative government which sees Prime Minister May wearing a hijab and kowtowing to a tiny minority of Muslims, whilst allowing a record breaking 650,000 migrants in in per year, it feels like there is no moderate centre ground anymore, let alone a right wing. [readmore direction="" categoryID=""] The creeping fringe of left politics ha...

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Anti-White Abbott Requests “All-Black Shortlists” For Constituency Candidates

Jamaican Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, has found herself in the spotlight once again following her most recent anti-white outburst. Speaking in Brighton, Abbott addressed the audience at a Momentum-organised event titled: The World Transformed. She suggested that by only fielding black candidates in certain British constituencies, this would allow more black and ethnic minority women to enter the House of Commons. Abbott said: “We need to revisit the campaign for all-black shortlists.” “[All-women shortlists] did have a transformative effect on getting women into parliament but we need to pay attention to the fact that all-women shortlists have not necessarily worked for black and ethnic minority women.” “If you want to engage with black and mino...

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Consensus politicians

Consensus Politics: The Post-democratic Order

The German election that is currently taking place has been characterised by the liberal media hysterically screeching over the rise of Alternative für Deutschland, or the rise of anti-establishment sentiment in general, but an issue oft overlooked is the wider crisis of democracy that elections such as this make plain to see. This crisis arises not in the form of dictatorship or totalitarianism, but rather as a result of a void in ideological options in many elections - the established consensus. For instance, Germans may elect a sizeable proportion of AfD and Die Linke representatives to the Bundestag today, but the question of who runs the country for the next four years is already sealed; it'll be the CDU, in coalition with the SPD, or the SPD in coalition with the CDU. This has ...

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German Election: The TRUTH About Immigration

Tomorrow, Germans go to the polls for a legislative election but, as we are all well aware, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Barring any major upset, Angela Merkel will win her fourth consecutive term as Chancellor; the only question remains is with whom her CDU party will govern? The most likely answer to this question is that they will continue their "Grand Alliance" with the Social Democrats, who are also set to perform strongly. Many observers outside of Germany will justifiably be asking how a coalition government that's committed such grave crimes of mass immigration against its own people is on course to clinch a comfortable victory. It's seems that for the last 18 months, there has been a daily story of how the Merkel regime's open borders policy has caused another rape, anoth...

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Anti-White Infighting as the BBC and Ofcom Clash

In the past, the BBC has made no secret for their disdain towards persons of European heritage (see just one example here - a bit racist towards us, no?), but now they're being criticised by Ofcom (Britain's regulatory authority for media) for not being diverse enough. Yes. You did indeed read that - the spokes-agency for anti-British ideology is being reprimanded by it's even more anti-white regulating body. The joys of 21st Century Britain! First off, the UK's ethnic minority proportion is about 14%, and the BBC's ethnic minority workforce proportion is at 12% (it's a Guardian link, so engage adblock!). I'm a pedantic person - I believe in following instructions and rules to the letter. But when it comes to this, I have to say to the diversity lobby: let it go. It's such a small diffe...

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