Yes, The British ARE An Indigenous People!

Ancient Britons Fighting a Roman Invasion

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, liberals and leftists will say anything – and I mean, anything – to shut down the debate on immigration and then, the broader debate of race. They will resort to all manner of uncouth behaviour, from name-calling to physical intimidation.

However, on the odd occasion that they do attempt to engage in reasoned debate, liberals and leftists are very single-minded. They have only one line of attack in the arena of ideas and that is to tell you that “Britain is a nation of immigrants”, implying that this land belongs no more to a white Briton with a 500-year lineage rooted in the British isles than it does to last week’s arrival from Islamabad.

To back up this claim, they will cite well documented invasions of the British Isles, usually beginning with the Roman invasion of Albion in 43 AD. Then, they follow events in chronological order from the Anglo-Saxon invasions between the 5th and 7th centuries AD, through the Viking invasions of England from 793 AD onward, culminating in the supposed large-scale invasion of Normans (Norse Men) in 1066 AD. These invasions are cited as indisputable evidence of England’s mongrel nature – and I say England, for many of these liberals and leftists are prepared to offer the Welsh, Scots and Irish the courtesy of a Celtic ethnic identity, but remain steadfast in their opposition to the concept of a native Englishman.

At this point, the anti-immigration campaigner often becomes stuck, shifting nervously in his seat as he starts to be “exposed” as a nasty racist. Demoralised, we learn to keep quiet about our concerns for our land and our people for fear of any such encounters taking place in the future and thus, the debates on immigration and race remain firmly off of the table.

Aside from the fact that being deterred based on a historical technicality is a poor defence for remaining silent about the single most important issue of our times, we must also equip ourselves more appropriately before entering the proverbial battlefield of debate.

And in this battle, science and history are both on our side.

Yes, the liberals and leftists may be able to churn out statistics and dates to highlight invasions of our land by foreign peoples, but the proper science based on genetic testing as opposed to vaguely documented invasion is in fact on our side. In March 2015, an article in The New Scientist reported the findings of “the most comprehensive analysis of British genealogy to date”, which found that none of the invasions of Albion that are stated by the liberals and leftists had any more than negligible impacts on the gene pool. The only invasion that was found to have had any notable impact was that of the Anglo-Saxons, who’s ancient invaders account for about 10% of modern English DNA. Even this 10% of Anglo-Saxon DNA is disputed, as many geneticists argue that it remains from pre-Roman settlers who came to Britain from what is now Northern Germany and Belgium.

This research also noted that regional divides across the United Kingdom are overstated, just to nullify the argument that there is not a single unified “English race”. The article refers to the fact that there are some distinct tribal groupings on the genetic map of the United Kingdom, but that “they are only subtly so, with a huge amount of commonality across all British Caucasians.”

A book published in 2005 by a research fellow at the Institute of Archaeology in Oxford, David Miles, states that 80% of the DNA of native white Britons can be traced back to a group of a few thousand hunter-gatherers who settled in the British Isles immediately after the end of the last glacial maximum. One can then infer that the remaining 20% can be made up from the invasions of the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and the Norse Men, but the point remains the same; our ancestors have been here for as long as human life has been sustainable on the island of Albion.

“There’s been a lot of arguing over the last ten years, but it’s now more or less agreed that about 80 percent of Britons’ genes come from hunter-gatherers who came in immediately after the Ice Age,” Miles said.

These nomadic tribespeople followed herds of reindeer and wild horses northward to Britain as the climate warmed.

“Numbers were probably quite small—just a few thousand people,” Miles added.

New evidence for the genetic ancestry of modern Britons comes from analysis of blood groups, oxygen traces in teeth, and DNA samples taken from skeletal remains.

Another interesting piece of evidence lies in a book entitled “The Origins Of The British” by Stephen Oppenheimer, which can only be described as scientific mastery. In it, Oppenheimer demonstrates using Y-chromosome gene markers, that Britain was populated by hunter-gatherers from the western ice refuge between 20-22,000 years ago. He then goes on to use the prevalence of the R1b haplogroup in modern day Britons to demonstrate the genetic similarities between us and the ancient hunter-gatherers, thus adding further weight to the claim that we are an indigenous people to this land.

On top of the cited examples, there are many, many more published works that will validate the science behind the claim that Britons are an indigenous people. In fact, practically every respected expert in the fields of archaeology and genealogy will tell you that the reality of Britain’s genetic make up is much more homogeneous than the pseudo-historical analysis that is liberalism would like you to think.

Just in case this is still not enough to defeat the most ardent of leftists, I will leave you with one final thought; the Māori People, “native” to New Zealand, arrived on those islands in around 1250 AD. They are afforded special rights and privileges fitting of an indigenous group by the United Nations’ own definition, yet they arrived on their islands a full 200 years after the last large-scale invasion of our islands (Norse Men, 1066).

At this point, if the a person is still denying your rights as an indigenous Briton, in the face of walls of scientific evidence and comparative reasoning, you can be sure that they are a genocidal psychopath who treats your people as some inferior race to be displaced and eradicated – they are really not worth your time to debate. They cannot be reasoned with.

William is a writer based in England, Great Britain.